Architectural Collection

Architectural Collection

Jila and her husband, Ali Kourehchian, a distinguished architect and sculptor, envisioned creating an exceptional collection of high-end couture gowns inspired by Iranian monuments and landmarks. Rooted in their shared belief that throughout history, fashion and architecture have intertwined, their collection not only draws inspiration from these cultural touchstones but also prioritizes the use of luxurious fabrics and intricate accessories.

This dynamic duo places a premium on the selection of high-quality fabrics, ensuring each gown not only reflects the grandeur of Iranian heritage but also exudes sophistication and opulence. From sumptuous silks to intricate lace, every material is carefully chosen to elevate the couture experience.



To further infuse a sense of artistic uniqueness, select gowns in the collection feature hand-painted designs on silk. This meticulous hand painting adds a personalized touch, turning each gown into a canvas of intricate artistry.


For the runway Show, models gracefully walked, each holding one of Ali's bronze masks. Each mask served as a captivating representation of a poem from Iranian literature, adorned with Persian calligraphy. This thoughtful integration of poetry, sculpture, and fashion added a layer of cultural richness to the showcase, creating a harmonious celebration of artistry and heritage. Jila and Ali aim to create a unique synthesis where each gown becomes a wearable piece of art, embodying the rich legacy of Iranian culture with a touch of contemporary elegance.



The couple always harbored a dream of bringing their vision to life. Their journey began in 2018, and they dedicated extensive effort to meticulously craft each piece of the collection, which ultimately comprised 12 high-end Haute Couture garments.

In a dazzling showcase in Los Angeles, the runway presentation unfolded, unveiling the culmination of their passion and creativity. The collection, a fusion of Persian inspiration, luxurious fabrics, and modern patterns captivated the attention of numerous media outlets.