About The Designer


Jila Saber was born in January 1978 in Iran. She began her journey as a fashion designer 25 years ago in her homeland, delving into the world of fashion design. At the tender age of 12, she initiated her education in sewing techniques under the guidance of her mother, swiftly mastering the art of working with a sewing machine. By the age of 13, She proudly crafted her inaugural dress, a testament to her burgeoning skills and creativity.


Jila's journey into the industry began at a remarkably young age, where her success unfolded through diverse roles in various companies. Over time, a burning desire to create her own brand emerged. As a female entrepreneur in Iran, she faced challenges rooted in religious and governmental ideologies. Undeterred, she persevered, eventually deciding to relocate to the USA, seeking an environment that would allow her the freedom to pursue her passion.


Upon settling in the USA, she seized the opportunity to further her education, enrolling in a fashion design school to elevate her knowledge and skills. Immersed in the vibrant fashion scene, Jila gained valuable experience working for different couture houses. This transformative period bolstered her confidence, solidifying her belief in the capacity to carve out a unique niche.


Armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge, she felt ready to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. Her dream of owning a fashion brand materialized as she established the thriving business, Jila Atelier.


Embarking on her U.S. journey alongside her husband, the renowned architect and sculptor Ali Kourehchian, Jila swiftly garnered recognition across various media outlets and events. Their architectural collection stood out as one of the most sought-after. Today, Jila is celebrated for crafting bespoke gowns for esteemed celebrities and affluent individuals, not just in California but globally.