The designer will help guide you through the amazing journey of finding
the perfect dress! Both you and your designer will browse gowns and decide what works best for you based on your body type, personality, and style.

No, but there is a "no show" fee of $50. You may cancel 48hrs before to avoid a cancelation fee.

Bridal gowns start at $2500.00 and top off at $16000.00, for the high end custom made items, with the average being between $3500.00 to $5500.00 Please call for more detailed information. Eveningwear and mother of brides gowns start from $2000 and go up to $4000. However it is always better to call and schedule an appointment as some custom designs cost higher.

Usually we need a minimum of 4 months for finalizing an order. Orders less than 4 months are also doable, but we may not be able to provide entire selection of our fabrics in this limited time. For orders less than 6 weeks we charge 10 to 15% rush fee.

On average we like to have one month to finalize the alteration, however we can always expedite. This depends on the dress and the amount of work involved. For the most accurate information please call to schedule a consultation.

Every gown is different, please call for more detailed information. If you are planning to custom make your gown, we guide you when to start the process and do your fittings.